Sensual by Cinaed Dane with Joy Lamore


By Cinaed Dane
Sensual is a series of expressive images with Spanish model Joy Lamore
1941 with Joy Lamore by Cinaed Dane


By Cinaed Dane
Inspired by Wild Bill Kelso character perfectly played by John Belushi in Steven Spielberg movie 1941.
Hair by Cinaed Dane with Red Yuliya


By Cinaed Dane
Red Yuliya's amazing red hair was, of course, the big inspiration in this series of art images
Wild Desires by Cinaed Dane with Joy Lamore

Wild Desires

By Cinaed Dane
Wild Desires is an artistic series with Spanish model Joy Lamore
Plastic Girl by Cinaed Dane

Plastic Girl

By Cinaed Dane
A 50ties inspired erotic pinup series by Cinaed Dane

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